Headed to Chicago

I’ll be in Chicago as of the 30th of January, to do a few really cool things. I’m going to be performing Osvaldo Golijov’s Ainadamar again, which is always fun. This time it’s with the Chicago Symphony and a few of the old standby’s in the original cast. I’m also going to be doing some ‘late night’ performances associated with the Opera, I’ll be playing with a Tabla player and the always wonderful Gingger Shankar (singer, violin). We wrote some badass tracks a couple weeks ago when she was in Boston, and now we’re going to unleash them with tabla and perhaps tamboura. Booya.

I’m also going to be doing some workshops in local Chicago high schools, about what it’s like to be an electronic musician, how it’s different than being a traditional instrumentalist, how it’s the same, and how Ainadamar came about. Can’t wait.

In the meantime I should be writing music for the Absolut Quartet which is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. But I’m still a bit sick (uncontrollable cough). I am in the process of encoding every song I’ve ever written to .mp3 and posting it here. haha. I hope it doesn’t drive people away.

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Back from Sundance

I just returned from the Sundance film festival in Park City, UT. I went with my girl and had a great time, even though I got sick. Apparently there is something called the “Sundance Flu” which I inadvertently got – could have been the -5deg fahrenheit temps.

Anyway, I was there hobnobbing with filmmakers trying to drum up more work. I met some great people, mainly musicians – fellow film composers that are really great. I hope to see them all again shortly.

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And it begins again

Any of you who know me well enough know that I never can leave well enough alone, so I am once again re-vamping the keepalive.org site to better serve what I need it to do. I will be hopefully adding a new custom music player soon, but for now will just add a prefab version. I aim to put every song I’ve ever written up (jflower jam overload) but we’ll see how long that takes.

In any event, I’m basing this new site on the wordpress blog engine, as it seems to be pretty badass and has some good looking themes that I can use. I know my boy Seth wants me to use ruby, but this was so much faster. I promise I’ll mess around with it soon.

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