Ayre tour kicking total ass

So having just finished the first leg of the Ayre tour with the Orquestra Los Peligrinos or Marranos or whatever we’re called on a specific day, I can say truthfully that I love my job. Music has always brought me happiness, but it seems to keep getting better and I believe that the happiness infects other parts of my life.

We payed in Richmond, VA (Link to review of the performance) and then in Durham, NC at Duke. The performance at Duke was really energetic and I think we were really on. The first half of the concert is performed by the always spectacular Eighth Blackbird and features some amazing music by Henke and Crumb. I’m particularly fond of the Crumb – I had forgotten how beautiful the piece is. So now, I am in San Francisco chilling with the impossibly sick and flu-ridden Heemin Yang of UG fame for a few days before heading up to Seattle to continue the Ayre circus. Can’t wait.

Met up with an old friend last night which was really great. He convinced me to sign up for facebook. Oh how it pains me. But it’s like a drug.

Breakfast time.

By | February 24, 2008 | Day to Day