More music to listen to

So I’ve got a set posted in the sweet little music player here on my site called kplv on tranqs.

I was asked by the always brilliant duo The Fun Years to play an opening set for them when they did a quick New England tour last year (two years ago? I don’t know, whatever.) It was a really cool gig at this place in Somerville where really really smart people hang out called The Echo Nest.

I put together a mashup set of classic keepalive tracks, unlockedgroove classic bangers and some ambient stuff I was working on – the catch is – it was all at 48bpm. That’s like watching grass grow. But it’s not – I swear! I think it’s a really cool set – not too long, but perfect for a relaxing chill on the couch, or in the rotation while you’re wasting time on the interweb. If you listen to any of it, check the end – I love it. You can stream it in the player to the right, or download the mp3 here.

By | March 31, 2008 | Announcements