Reno, NV not Reno Dakota.

So I’m headed to Reno.

Off to play some jams with David Krakauer and his Klezmer Madness. Cannot wait. The last time I played with them in North Carolina was pretty much insane. These guys rip and don’t stop until everyone in the place is sweaty because they are throwing down in their seats. That’s a good thing.

Next on my plate are three commissions: one for WNYC with genius-man Osvaldo Golijov and Accordiopimp Michael Ward-Bergemann. I never spell his name right and he’s one of my bros. That’s a shame. After that one it’s a piece for Carnegie Hall (sick things in store for this one, just wait!) and one for the Chicago Symphony’s MusicNow series. Needless to say I have a busy fall and winter ahead of me. I say fall because summer is almost gone already. Wow. Time flies when you get married.

Music tidbits for you this week?

Here you go.

It’s an oldie but a goodie. An old Mom’s tune called “I wanna go to Mollywood.” Blatantly written about a girl named Molly I had a mega-crush on sometime in college. Slammin.

In other news, I figured it was a good idea to update my blog software at 7 in the morning at the airport.  I totally didn’t backup my modified wordpress theme, which was a brilliant idea.  So here we are… stock themes for a few hours anyway – I’ll change it up this evening after dinner.

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