Tender Hooks in NYC and Philly

So I’m back in Boston and it’s still too cold to ride a bike without gloves on.

And what am I doing? Lots of little work, catching up on tax stuff, blah blah blah. In a couple weeks I head to London to perform Ainadamar at the Barbican. After that I’m headed to New York to work on a new piece with friends Anna Clyne and Joshue Ott.

Tender Hooks is a really sweet idea – it’s like a Double Laptop Concerto with orchestra. There’s an audio laptop (me) a visual laptop (Josh) and an Orchestra. Josh and I have connected our computers so that when he pushes harder with the pen, things happen to the sound and when I send certain commands to him, the visuals move in concert with what’s coming out of my computer. This is much more than the visualizer from winamp you used to spend all your time looking at in college. We’re carefully choreographing what will work best and meld well with the orchestral score.

THEREMINAnna has written a piece with these ideas as a firm foundation. Essentially it promises that the electronics will be an organic part of the piece – not a last-minute addition that takes away from beautiful music. Also I’m really excited to use the Theremin controller we’ve purchased for the project. Hopefully this will get away from the “checking of the email” syndrome of many performances with laptop.

Tender Hooks will be performed at Zankel Hall (Carnegie Hall) on Friday, Apr. 25 at 7:30pm. We’ll also be doing it on Sunday, Apr. 27 at 7:30pm at UPenn. There’s more info on getting tickets here. Come check it out!

By | March 20, 2008 | Projects