Self Destruct Premier in Chicago

I’m headed off to Chicago to work with the Chicago Symphony’s amazing musicians on their MusicNOW series.  They have commissioned a piece of music from me for two cellos, viola, piano, marimba and laptop.  It’s called Self Destruct, written about stress, and how it either ruins things or creates things.  Those of you in the Chicago area, please come check it out – I’m really really looking forward to this performance.

I’m in the process now of re-dubbing all the electronic parts so that they can be performed live with the musicians.  This is always an exciting part of the process for me, because I end up changing things at the last minute which is of course not advised.  Somehow I love the uncertainty.

More information about the specifics can be seen at the Chicago Symphony’s website.

You can see photos from my recent performance at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall on facebook if you are a member.   It went very well, and Olga and I have vowed to make it happen again, hopefully with more music.  Keep your eyes peeled.

By | May 27, 2009 | Announcements, Projects