Back from Canadialand and Notsohotlantaland

January saw me travelling for a quick bit, for two things.  First off, was the world premiere of my newest piece of music titled Those Eyelashes Stay With Me, a sweet little ditty for my wife.  This was part of the What Next Festival in Hamilton Ontario. (Facebook is here).  The festival promoters and staff did an EXCELLENT job getting this thing together.  The first time this had been done in Hamilton and they filled the seats even for panel discussions.  If only there was that kind of interest everywhere.

Commissioned by the great James Sommerville – local hero here in Boston, this piece was slated for French Horn, Clarinet, and Bass Clarinet.  Quite an odd mesh of sound, but it works.  James remarked during the concert that he didn’t know of any other pieces for the same instrumentation.  One audience member mentioned that he had a sample on one of his records that was quite close, but I’m not sure how it differed.

In any event, the piece went off quite well, if not for my mistakes, but such is the case when you’re not just pushing play on the laptop (or any other instrument for that matter).  Many thanks to the players James, Steve and Michele – they really dove into my ideas and weren’t scared.   Also thanks to Martin Van de Ven for the photograph.

After that bit of hooliganism, I headed south to Georgia to perform some sweet music from the big man Osvaldo Goljiov.  This time around it was the suite from Youth Without Youth, the film by Francis Ford Coppola.  It was received quite warmly, and I think it finally came of age with help from the brilliant Mr. Spano.

So now it’s back to diaper duty and planning to finish a record of material.  I’m thinking two “sides” with different singers on each side – collaborations… lots of strings.  I don’t know yet.  More details when I get a second to think.

I’m also working on a new piece with Cambridge composer Shirish Korde.  We are doing some really cool things with prerecorded voices and rhythms.  Really looking forward to seeing this one happen.


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