Back to Canada

One of my favorite performances of 2010 was January’s jaunt up to Hamilton, Ontario to perform at the What Next? festival.  Not only were the performances well thought out but they were full of people eager to enjoy music of any persuasion.  People got down to everything.

This year I’ve been asked back to fill out an evening of Brass chamber music in a church.  I love performing in Churches, and can’t wait to do this one.  I’ll bring my laptop and a bunch of sheets of music and see who I can’t find to play along with me.  I’m putting together a set of old and new music – about half of it will be stuff nobody’s ever heard, and the other half is all remixed for performance in such a live space.

I hope to see some folks from last year!

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Anti-Social Music is the future of everything

So I’m super stoked on a project I’ve been working on recently.  I’m mixing the new record for Anti-Social Music, a group of musicians that don’t care what you or I think.  Seriously tho, get ready for some excellent music – this stuff is hot.  One of my favorite quotes about them from the Pitchfork people – “On the cutting edge of making your friends and neighbors feel awkward is the New York City collective Anti-Social Music.”

While I can appreciate their sentiment, I hardly feel like this record will make you feel awkward – on the contrary I think it will make you rock.

Yeah, and I’m sorry I forget to post things on my blog ever.

UPDATE: You can purchase this amazing jam over on their website.

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