Listening Jail: April 2012

This installment is all French.  Well, mostly French. Let’s just say the inspiration was French. I’ve been to France more than any other foreign country and I love it terribly. I don’t speak any french, and can never remember how to ask people if they speak English. The French make excellent music.

Acid Washed

Thanks, Spotify. While you may only pay artists .02 pennies every time I listen to one of their tracks, you are enabling junkies like me to find new music with little to no effort. This is one of those.  I clicked on Mr. Oizo’s related artists, and these guys came up. I don’t think they sound much like Oizo, but ho hum. They are rad.




This is a little more weird, a little less dancefloor.. quite good (if you click this, listen at least past 3:00).


Lindstrøm & Christabelle

No, these folks aren’t French. Gys hipped me to Lindstrøm a while back, and I listened this record for weeks on end. I even hooked a few other people on it.  Coming back to it now.  On first listen you might find this track totally cheesy, or tongue in cheek. Too bad. You take yourself too seriously (Yeah, I’m guilty of that almost all the time). But come on. This is totally sexy, and almost perfectly produced. I say almost because I would never let that guitar solo stay. I spent too many years listening to Low to get behind guitar solos.

And I must post this one, because of this bassline.


Principles of Geometry

Another group I found via Mr. Oizo. They did a remix of Z, which is one of my favorite jams. I will not make the Boards of Canada reference.


I knew nothing about this guy until 20 minutes ago, and now I’ve watched a studio walk through of his space and I feel like I know him. I dig how unassuming his attitude towards gear is. I won’t make the LCD Soundsystem reference.


Digging this.

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