Listening Jail: December 2011 – January 2012

Welcome to Listening Jail, where I force you to listen to the music that’s been in heavy rotation in my life.  This episode is late, and all over the place. Don’t forget to check out all the links posted throughout the text – they link to other awesome songs.

Mr. Gnome

This was my theme song for the month of January.

Brian McBride

This whole record is great. I’m positive I will be posting more of his music in the Listening Jail.


I learned of Slint from a Heavy Vegetable lyric – “they don’t play slint on the radio.” It’s almost true.  WMBR has played Slint only three times in 2011.  This record came out in 1991.  20 years ago.  If only I had heard this then.  Killing.

The Angels of Light

It’s so hard to choose one song from this record. I usually listen to the whole thing every time I put it on.

Eric Burdon & The Animals

I used to listen to this LP as a kid, and I never made it past this track.  I finally found it on youtube, and here it is.  That bass sound is insane. I could listen to 2:26 to the end forever.  Kind of out of character for me, but man I dig this.


I saw a link to this record on some random music blog, and decided to check it out.  Often times I get weirded out by ambient music.  I’m often very skeptical of the craft involved in it – how much of the enjoyment is brought to the party by the listener vs the performers. whether it’s just some folks wonking out for 40 minutes, or if there is real purpose and drive behind the music.  A wise friend of mine once gave me great advice on this topic: “Do you like it?” Yes. I do like this. This is from a 4-song EP and I generally listen to the whole thing at once.  Also check out this track. Excellent piano part.



Ok, so I happened on one of his tracks via a related video on a Mr. Oizo track.  Since that moment I have pretty much listened to nothing but Siriusmo.  Basically he has seemingly endless nasty techno tracks, and millions of slamming disco house tracks.  And they all kill.  It’s production like this that makes me feel like I’m in the stone ages.

He is seriously good, and not just for the techno heads.

Anyway, insanely bad ass.  I had to choose one track to put down here as the main video.  It wasn’t easy.

No. Scratch that. I had to post two vids. This is the sound of me blasting along in a Porsche 928 with brown leather driving gloves and a light blue oblong duffel bag full of brand new white T-Shirts.  Too specific?

And go listen to that Zombie Nation remix – it is an absolute beast. (Click on the word “Nasty”)

Mr Oizo

Always a favorite of mine – I had missed this record when it came out.  Catching up on it now.  I wanted to link up the track “Ska”, but copyright infringement on youtube keeps me from doing so.  This is also a stellar track.

Our Broken Garden

This is one of those songs that I could have gone either way on – it’s either absolute brilliance, or way too cheesy. What took me towards brilliance is imagning this in a live setting – where the production would be much more sloppy and gritty.  If I heard this song at a live show I would buy the record. Oh, and if you want to hear the studio version it’s here. Also check out this song – also live.

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