About me

I am a quiet man from Boston, MA that makes music.

I spent my childhood in Central NY growing up with three older sisters that let me pull their hair and played soccer with me, but opened doors over my toes. My mother practiced Debussy, Scriabin, and Chopin Etudes and Preludes for her Masters Piano recital with me laying in a baby basket under the piano while my father practiced limb independence and left foot clave patterns for 14 hours a day when he wasn’t teaching people how to perceive time and rhythm. I started playing piano at 4, studying saxophone at 8, guitar at 13. I’ve played in too many cover bands, a couple great indie bands and sang in choirs my whole life. After an inspiring few years studying composition with one of my mother’s brilliant college friends I decided to go to music school.

After 2 years of being told why Stravinsky was the best composer to ever live I forged a bond with my private teacher and switched to electronic based musics. For another 2 years we studied Radiohead and Ravel, Durafle to Dave Fiuczynski. I met my friends and graduated a happy man.

Since then I’ve met many great people and done some fun things which you can read about in my Press Bio.