Risk – a film by Laura Poitras

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been working on the soundtrack to this brilliant documentary on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a film by the inimitable Laura Poitras. Check out the trailer!

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Another Media Lab Joint – Glass

Very stoked to share this with you all. The always-creative people over at the Mediated Matter Group have achieved another first – this time it’s a 3D printer for printing with glass. Think of it as a computer controlled crucible with a funnel attached. The final product is something to behold, especially as exhibited at the end of the film.

I am truly humbled to have been asked back for the score on this film – my favorite to date. Check it out!

GLASS from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo.


MIT Mediated Matter Lab releases Mushtari

I am happy to share this track I made as the backdrop to the latest film from Neri Oxman’s Mediated Matter Lab over at MIT. Neri and her team have blended the simplest forms of life – bacteria, with the most complicated – us. I have tried to achieve an analogous result musically, by using layered and convoluted recording and production techniques beside simple harmonic movement and my favorite instrument designed to be used by anyone – the autoharp.

I hope you enjoy the film, and the music. I am truly honored to continue working with Neri and her team – they are an inspiration for me.

MUSHTARI from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo.

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Sear And Yellow Leaf String Session

It was already a couple months ago, but I finally found the cable for my camera. Here are some pics from the session down at the lovely Brick Hill Studio in Orleans, MA. Definitely turning out well, this record is.

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Sear and Yellow Leaf

I’ve been writing a lot of music these last couple years, most of it simply exercising the muscles so that when the time comes, I’m ready with the music. That point has, I hope, come. In September and October of this year I’m headed out to beautiful Orleans, MA with some of my oldest and newest friends to make a recording.

The band features Matthias Bossi, Carla Kihlstedt, Jon Evans, Emily Hope Price, Jeremy Udden as well as many others. The instrumentation includes a core rock band (guitar, drums, vocals, synths/bass) joined by an ensemble of strings, winds, and brass. I hope to bring video updates of each session as they come, which will be posted here.

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Listening Jail: April 2012

This installment is all French. ¬†Well, mostly French. Let’s just say the inspiration was French. I’ve been to France more than any other foreign country and I love it terribly. I don’t speak any french, and can never remember how to ask people if they speak English. The French make excellent music.


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