Risk – a film by Laura Poitras

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been working on the soundtrack to this brilliant documentary on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a film by the inimitable Laura Poitras. Check out the trailer!

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Another Media Lab Joint – Glass

Very stoked to share this with you all. The always-creative people over at the Mediated Matter Group have achieved another first – this time it’s a 3D printer for printing with glass. Think of it as a computer controlled crucible with a funnel attached. The final product is something to behold, especially as exhibited at the end of the film.

I am truly humbled to have been asked back for the score on this film – my favorite to date. Check it out!

GLASS from Mediated Matter Group on Vimeo.


Sear and Yellow Leaf

I’ve been writing a lot of music these last couple years, most of it simply exercising the muscles so that when the time comes, I’m ready with the music. That point has, I hope, come. In September and October of this year I’m headed out to beautiful Orleans, MA with some of my oldest and newest friends to make a recording.

The band features Matthias Bossi, Carla Kihlstedt, Jon Evans, Emily Hope Price, Jeremy Udden as well as many others. The instrumentation includes a core rock band (guitar, drums, vocals, synths/bass) joined by an ensemble of strings, winds, and brass. I hope to bring video updates of each session as they come, which will be posted here.

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Krakauer/Zorn Project

So October was full of some serious shrekking, from New York to Paris, Kiev, Gdansk, Innsbruck, and everything in between.  It was with David Krakauer and the Madness Orchestra, of which I am ostensibly a part.  It truly was mad – we had one day off and two nights without gigs in 19 days of touring. I actually did find something on the youtubes from that tour.

The material for this tour was a mix of David’s music and John Zorn’s music from The Book of Angels. This is where all the Masada music comes from and is some of my favorite of his output.  After this grueling but amazing tour was over we had a week off, then headed into the studio.  We laid it all down in 6 hours and I still had time to catch a Plainville concert in Brooklyn.  Badass.  Anyway, I’m just posting to let you all know that this record will be coming out on Tzadik at some point in the future and it will be burning.

Carry on.

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Back to Canada

One of my favorite performances of 2010 was January’s jaunt up to Hamilton, Ontario to perform at the What Next? festival.  Not only were the performances well thought out but they were full of people eager to enjoy music of any persuasion.  People got down to everything.

This year I’ve been asked back to fill out an evening of Brass chamber music in a church.  I love performing in Churches, and can’t wait to do this one.  I’ll bring my laptop and a bunch of sheets of music and see who I can’t find to play along with me.  I’m putting together a set of old and new music – about half of it will be stuff nobody’s ever heard, and the other half is all remixed for performance in such a live space.

I hope to see some folks from last year!

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Anti-Social Music is the future of everything

So I’m super stoked on a project I’ve been working on recently.  I’m mixing the new record for Anti-Social Music, a group of musicians that don’t care what you or I think.  Seriously tho, get ready for some excellent music – this stuff is hot.  One of my favorite quotes about them from the Pitchfork people – “On the cutting edge of making your friends and neighbors feel awkward is the New York City collective Anti-Social Music.”

While I can appreciate their sentiment, I hardly feel like this record will make you feel awkward – on the contrary I think it will make you rock.

Yeah, and I’m sorry I forget to post things on my blog ever.

UPDATE: You can purchase this amazing jam over on their website.

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Some Sketches uploaded to the SoundCloud

So back when I wasn’t out of my mind I would sometimes record music just because I could and I wanted to.  I would even record things that I didn’t think were totally awesome.  These are some of those things.  I thought it a shame to let them go on deaf ears, so I’ve made a little soundcloud set to put them all here on the bloggy blog.

So, here they is.  All recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Somerville MA with nothing but an SM57 and a laptop.  You’ll notice many mistakes and missed notes as well as lots of thing that don’t make sense… I hadn’t really worked em out.

2006-2008 Sketches by keepalive


Things coming

Ok, so my life has been anything but quiet, but my blog here has been pretty dead.  I’m in the midst of catching up on everything that didn’t happen in 2009 when I was on the road constantly, as well as when the little man was born.  But that doesn’t mean things stopped completely.

In June, I’m headed out on the road with the Klezmer Madness, and then back to Chicago for some work in the public schools.  Definitely looking forward to that.  Then it’s back to the kitchen with big man Osvaldo Golijov for some new music involving some of my absolute favorite peeps including MJWB, Jamey Haddad and Kayhan Kalhor.  Needless to say I am honored to be sitting next to these people and it makes me realize that things are good.

be good.

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